Saturday, March 11, 2017

G. I. Joe toys are so cool. Check these out!

We've been scouting out G. I. Joe action figures and vehicles lately and have lots and lots of them.  The vehicles are pretty cool.  We also have a whole lot of G. I. Joe accessories we are working on getting up for sale.  We have almost 1000 toys currently for sale.

First we'll start with the vehicles.  We will have descriptions and links below the pictures.

Tiger cat for $14.00

Tiger Sting for $10.00

Mudfighter for $12.00

Cobra Ice Sabre for $12.00

Persuader for $6.00

Patriot for $12.00

R.P.V. for $5.00

Snake Eyes set for $10.00

Star Viper for $5.00

Falcon for $6.00

Zanzibar for $4.00

Barbeque for $4.00

Law and Order for $5.00

Lift Ticket for $6.00

Be sure to stop by our online toy store and check out all of the toys!

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